Product Configurator
Transformed research project into a full fledged user friendly web application for a European consortium of heating equipment manufacturers. This included refactoring the existing codebase and optimizing it to achieve a 20-40x speedup of the calculations and developing tooling to automatically test against all possible input configurations.

BioGraph shows all unique paths between any given pair of prominent people based on Wikipedia data.


MateForm allows you to easily create web forms that can be integrated into any website where you can embed HTML. This is one of my own projects originally created to really get into NodeJS.


For Stephan Kockelkoren I've built the script editor, portal, router and a number of api integrations for the Joboti chatbot platform. Joboti enables organisations to quickly gather information using chatbots. Among other things it uses the Microsoft Bot Framework.


For Rick Olson I've developed the MataCSM system. MataCSM enables organisations to get insight into the security of their online assets. Servers and web applications are continually scanned for potential security problems. Users are immediately alerted to new developments. It can also discover information leaks from the organisation (through public Github repositories for example). It's also possible to add assets automatically through the API of various cloud providers.

IIQ Quest

For Implementation IQ (IIQ), I implemented a web-based questionnaire suite so they could carry out their IMPLEMENT research. This made it possible to fill in a questionnaire in the browser, create invites (if required, imported from a vcard database), to send and to follow the progress of those surveyed. Using the results, people can invite others to take part in a blog platform. Employees of IIQ can use Markdown to easily add new content and invitees are given the possibility to add comments or start a discussion.


For the designers of ONTWARD, I developed a questionnaire suite to discover the design preferences of their customers.

In this case, the questionnaire editor was based on a custom Django admin manager. By simply defining the models, it was possible to easily create a complete questionnaire hierarchy on the same page instead of needing to make separate objects in separate views in the standard Django admin.

IIQ Implementation Analyzer
For Implementation IQ, I implemented a system that allows creators of healthcare innovations to introduce them in a way that is transparent. The user can input data about stakeholders and their needs. Graphics are automatically produced showing what the most important obstacles are and how they can be dealt with (for example, by giving scientific evidence of the innovation’s effectiveness). Also, questionnaires can be generated and sent to stakeholders (who can fill them in directly in the browser) and can be then automatically processed as additional data. It is also possible to see summaries and reports of a whole selection of innovations at the same time.


I created a multiplayer pong game with websockets, gevent and Redis as a proof of concept.

Ria Dekker Mediation
For Ria Dekker Mediation, I created the brand design and the website. The site is implemented using Django CMS.


De Ontzameling

Together with Edward Janssen (designer at ONTWARD), I created the first version of the website for Stichting Ontzameling. The website functions as a catalogue for a large art collection. Through Django admin and using custom widgets, it was possible to manage the art collection and to show the pieces on different parts of the site. The site contained animated widgets with art pieces so that there was always something new to see, customised to the user’s preferences.

The current version of the site is made by onebite.

Els Streefkerk
For music teacher Els Streefkerk, I made a personal website which was implemented in Django CMS. Design by Edward Janssen.


Viola Groenhart
For filmmaker Viola Groenhart, I made a personal website. The site can be maintained using Django CMS and custom plugins so that different widgets can be changed on the site.


Jan Beutener
For artist Jan Beutener, I created a portfolio website The content can be edited using Django admin.


For jouwstraat.nl, I set up a development environment and built a module to import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.


de man en de vos
For the filmmakers collective “de man en de vos”, I implemented the first version of their site. I used transitions made with JQuery to give the website a cinematic quality. The content can be edited using Django admin with custom widgets.



The idea behind UnknownFilm is to be able to easily find films that you have never seen before but would enjoy. It is fed with data from IMDb and you can use sliders from JQuery UI to adjust the selection of films in real time (with AJAX) until you find films you are interested in. For example, you can choose not to display popular films so that there is a higher chance of finding a film you have never seen before.

Recently the site has been rebuilt using Django REST framework and React.


For geologist Han Kloosterman, I created a website as an archive for his research.


FeedMeMore was a personal project which made it possible to follow news about a certain subject in real time from lots of different sources simultaneously. It worked using RSS feeds and an algorithm I made to automatically determine the subject of articles.




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